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Mold Removal Mold Remediation

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Mold Removal Service

Persistent mold have devastating effects on your health and property. The most dangerous black mold signs are hard to identify until it’s too late and the fungus has spread to larger areas in your property resulting in the most expensive damage that can occur in your home. Address the mold problem with the help of Sparkly Maids mold removal service in Dallas and nearby Texas areas, so you can rest assured that you will receive proper mold remediation at very reasonable rates.

Why Our Mold Removal Services?

Sparkly Maids are experts in promptly and efficiently removing mold rapidly growing in your home. After thorough mold inspection by an accredited third-party service provider, we step in and analyze the result, so we can strategically plan our mold remediation strategy, so we can salvage your property from mold invasion. You can place absolute confidence in our professional mold cleaners with combined years of expertise and extensive knowledge when it comes to safe and effective removal of mold in residential properties.

Mold removal is not a cleaning project that you can do alone. If you have zero background and experience in professional mold removal, you will end up spending money on products that will fail in fixing the problem altogether. Our dedicated team Sparkly Maids has extensive training an experience in mold removal service. Our mold removal experts have countless years of experience in safe and potent mold removal techniques that protect homeowners from the hazards associated with mold. Our company offers honest and exclusive mold removal service, unlike unscrupulous companies that provide both mold inspection and remediation, so they can render unnecessary remediation work.

Our Mold Removal Services

The right mold removal technique not only clears mold from infesting the home, but it also alleviates reoccurrence. Our mold removal service technicians will save you money in the long run. Proper mold removal service involves the following steps:


Containment and Ventilation

Our mold removal technicians utilize EPA-approved ventilation and air-filtration devices to make sure mold spores do not spread to uninfected areas of the home. We highly recommend you entrust us with mold remediation once affected area in your home is more than 10 square feet.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Our professional mold removal technicians thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected area and implement proper disposal of infected materials. We then apply the right biocide formulation to target the specific type of mold that invaded your home and prevent spores from developing in the future. 

Stop the cause of mold growth

Mold remediation and mold removal involves management of the primary cause of mold growth in your home. We will treat moisture and humidity issues through timely and effective repairs around your home. For repair services that are beyond the scope of our services, we will be referring you to reputable subcontractors that can swiftly fix the problem for you, too!

Why Choose Sparkly Maids?

Sparkly Maids offer a comprehensive range of mold removal service that will eliminate, clean, disinfect, and repair mold damage, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your loved ones and your home are free from the dangers caused by mold. Call us if you need expert consultation about reliable and affordable mold remediation service in the following areas: Dallas, McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Allen, Little Elm, The Colony, Carrollton, Addison, and Richardson.

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